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Used for taping joints and seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketed insulation, variety of insulation uses, general repairs in automotive industry. Soft aluminum foil is extremely comfortable to irregular surfaces


  • AL 28 (28mic foil + 30mic solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL 28HT (28mic foil + 30mic modified solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL 35 (35mic foil + 35mic solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL 35HT (35mic foil + 35mic modified solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL 50 (50mic foil + 40mic solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL 50HT (50mic foil + 40mic modified solvent acrylic adhesive)
  • AL35H25 (25mic PET film +15mic laminated adhesive +35mic foil + 35mic modified solvent )
New Asia Dynamic Indonesia has been operating in Indonesia since 2007, it was established to bring of self-adhesive tapes products to the local and worldwide marketplace. The manufacturing facility was located Kawasan Industri Jababeka III Blok B03A, Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia 17530.

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